About the SECC

When and why did the SECC begin?
The State Employee Charitable Campaign is the only statutorily authorized workplace giving campaign for state agency and higher education employees throughout Texas. In 2013, the SECC marked its 20th year by raising more than $9.041 million for charitable organizations across the state, nation and world.
Thanks to legislation that created the State Employees Charitable Campaign in 1993, employees of state agencies, junior and community colleges, and universities throughout Texas enjoy the benefit of contributing to many of their favorite charities through an annual workplace giving campaign featuring the convenience of payroll deduction.

How does it work?
Each fall, state and higher education employees get the opportunity to learn about the participating charities in the SECC, choose which ones we want to help, and then fill out a pledge form to indicate how much we wish to donate to which groups.  We can make a one-time gift by cash or check.  Or, even better, our gift can be deducted from each paycheck beginning at the first of next year.
The campaign runs from September through October.  During this time period, you can expect to attend an informational meeting or be approached by a co-worker with information and a pledge form. The charity directory provides information on all the charities in the campaign- a great resource not only for helping you make your choices, but also for finding help if you need it yourself. 

What charities are involved?
One of the great benefits of the SECC is the wide variety of charities and causes represented – there is something for everyone. They range from small local organizations to large and well-known national and international groups.
Those charities that wish to participate must meet stringent legal requirements, and then be scrutinized by a team of state employees (Local Employee Committee) to ensure:

  • They are recognized by the IRS as 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations and are registered with the Secretary of State.
  • They are audited (or reviewed) annually by an accountant in accordance with generally-accepted auditing standards.
  • They provide direct or indirect health and human services.
  • They spend no more than 25% of funds raised on administrative and fundraising unless they qualify for an exception due to special circumstances.


Want your organization to be part of the SECC? 
The State Employee Charitable Campaign is an open campaign and encourages any and all qualified organizations to apply.
A charitable organization that does not spend more than 25% of its annual revenue for administrative and fundraising expenses, is in good financial standing, and has local presence is potentially eligible to participate in the SECC. There are other requirements in order to participate, however if the charitable organization fulfills the requirements mentioned above it is recommended to pursue completing a full application. What next? If you provide services to the DFW Metroplex local campaign area please contact Marti Lawrence  to apply. If you provide services to two or more non-contiguous areas please contact the State Campaign Manager (Roxanne Jones) for additional information.